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Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) – Alpha Motorcycle Training

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) - Alpha Motorcycle Training

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is the first phase of getting a motorcycle licence. It allows to drive a 125cc motorcycle on the road for 2 years,

you need to take the full bike test or renew your CBT for a further 2 years to carry on riding. CBT usually takes one day, but there is no time boundary.

There is also no pass or fail.

There is a Portion to Learn, but don’t Take CBT as a Test.

CBT training

How you can choose the right trainer?

Many corporations offering CBT have qualified instructors.

In the last few years, some of the motorcycle companies have set up their own training centres via dealerships to bring consistency in training for new riders.

Motorcycle Industry Association has some offers for training schools which can prove to meet quality standards.

If you want to ride a 125cc motorcycle or scooter, then you should consider passing A1 licence. The A1 licence contains theory and applied test on top of CBT,

it means you can drive your 125cc motorcycle (A1 category) without L-plates. You need to renew CBT every two years.

At the age of 19, you are considering to go for the A2 restricted licence, which means you can drive a motorcycle with maximum restricted power of 35kW (47bhp).

If You Take Your A2 Test on A Motorcycle Of At Least 395cc.

Though the A2 licence needs you to jump through a few loops. It requires a motorcycle theory test, 3 days training and then Segment 1 and 2 test.

Alpha Motorcycle Training offers you best motorcycle training courses at all levels, including CBT training A1 and A2 limited, A2 progressive, DAS and improved level tuition.

We deliver several courses at very reasonable prices, which enable you to get motorcycle training in London.

Our CBT training courses in London starts at very affordable prices. We will give you all the equipment you need such as helmet, clothing, insurance and a motorbike.

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