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Estate Agents – Sandra Davidson

Estate Agents - Sandra Davidson Seven Kings Ilford

There are many estate agents who skilled in selling or letting residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural properties,

you should only focus on estate agents who expert in residential property sales and letting.

What is the Role of an Estate Agent?

The estate agent is the connection between a seller and buyer, who negotiate and convey agreement of sale suitable to both parties.

A proposal to purchase is enlisted by the estate agent, which must be signed by the buyer, seller and estate agent.

The Selling Price or Depend on How Much is Home Worth.

How Much is My Home Worth

the estate agent charges a payment or commission, which is paid by the seller. The amount is negotiable and must be debated with the estate agent at the beginning of the deal.

The commission is generally calculated as a percentage of the selling price or depending on how much is house worth.

There are many benefits to hire the estate or letting agent.

  • Marketing power
  • Visibility
  • Negotiation
  • Guidance
  • Sealing the deal

Sandra Davidson estate agents are very professional. If you are looking to buy, sell or rent homes, we are here to help you to fulfil your property needs.

Our experienced, professional and knowledgeable team will deliver a good service, so if you need of an estate agent then you don’t need to search further.

Agents can take recent data from sales in the area and fix the best deal. Agents look at market supply, demand and the situations to choose the best price.

In addition, they can come up with a game plan to help you negotiate the price with potential buyers.

Real estate agents have the exclusive expertise to remove from emotional sides of the housing procedure. Agents can easily attract the clients in the good light and negotiable price.

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