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Italian Kitchen Designs – Espresso Design London

Italian Kitchen Designs – Espresso Design London

Slick and modern or rustic and rural;

Italian Kitchen designs can be created from a bounty of quintessentially Italian architectural influences. The clean, precise edges and creativity that evokes the Galleria in Milan or perhaps the curves and arches in Rome.

With inspiration in abundance, you can pick the Italian style that best suits you, your family and your home.

Italy is synonymous with family, good food, delicious local wines and luxurious style.

Whether your approach to design is homey, warming and provincial or perhaps sophisticated, open and pioneering;

whatever your approach, Italian designs come in a variety of ways. The beauty of which means one kitchen never needs to look like another.

Our design team love to create with you in mind. By getting an understanding of you and your family, we can create, build and execute accordingly.

From consultation and designing to appliance decisions and installation.

Chic, sleek and heavily peppered with the finest mod-cons or cosy and comfy;


your style and functional needs are essential to building the kitchen you desire. We want to know how you use your kitchen and what is important.

If a lot of cooking and socializing is done, creating space and light might be more important for those of you that want intimacy and a bottle of wine.

The beauty of Italy, Italians and their way of life is always focused around food, being sociable and making the kitchen the absolute hub of the home.

Our designers are on hand to help you build an Italian Kitchen design that will rival our friends anywhere from the city of Milan to the traditions and style of Sicily.

Clean simple colours, flooding of natural light, high-end appliances and a place for the family to congregate; that is what makes a kitchen a successful and pleasant place to sit back and relax.

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