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Sky glass Rooflight for flat roof

Our tailored solutions mean providing you and your home with stylish, durable and high-quality rooflights; it is our passion and our pleasure. We are experts in assessing, advising and installing the right rooflight to fit your needs.

Whether your home needs more natural light, and aesthetically pleasing feature or you are looking to add more value to your property; installing a rooflight is a smart and affordable choice.

At Sky glass, our expert team can offer many installation services to suit your home. A particularly popular area of demand from our clients is Rooflights for Flat roofs. But why are they so popular?

Sky glass Rooflight for flat roof

Energy Efficient

Keeping track of your carbon footprint is everyone’s cross to bear. With rooflights your home or property automatically gets more light, more heat from the sunlight and the ability to cool the room with retractable window options. Be kind to the environment and add some style to your home!


With more light and heat coming through the rooflight, utility bills are known to reduce quite drastically. Natural light and heat radiate your room, meaning lights and heating can stay off for longer.

Let there be Light

With more natural light flooding your home daily, your home can truly become a place of calm, tranquil and relaxing.

It is scientifically proven that giving yourself longer periods of flooded natural light in your home sharpens your inner clock; meaning sleeping becomes easier and better quality. The bottom line is, added air, light and natural heat makes you feel happier, stronger and energised.

A good mood, less illnesses and relaxed mind. Quite frankly, this is something we could all do with.

All our Rooflights are produced to the specifications of your space. Domed or sleek and flat;

flat roofs, in some ways, are somewhat of a blank canvas and are incredibly adaptable when it comes to installing a rooflight that suits your style.

Our professional and skilled team are happy to provide you with the best options for your home to add some excitement and timeless style to your flat roof.

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