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Spray Paint It Perfect – MYLANDS

Spray Paint It Perfect - MYLANDS United Kingdom

Painting a room, wall, entire home or furniture can be incredibly daunting. Often our customers can feel nervous about DIY-ing their home for fear that it might not look perfect, be even or may leave the look unfinished or unprofessional.

Paint & Decorating with Spray Paints

Paint & Decorating with Spray Paints

Spray paint is a wonderful alternative to rolling or brushing. Generally, Spray paint is a great way to spruce up or refresh furniture, areas of walls, wooden surfaces either in the home or for furniture and areas in the garden, on the balcony or in the shed.

At Mylands we are fans of spray paints and are happy to stock colours and accessories to ensure you have all you need to create a fresh-looking piece for the home.

Quick and Accurate

with various nozzles to choose from the finish, you are after is just a spray away. The control pumps allow you to get better coverage and aim without wasting paint and having any unsightly clumps and lumps of paint. All this adds to a clean, perfect finish.

Also, it’s pretty fun darn fun!

All that is really required is good preparation ahead of your painting. Ensure you prepare the surface so there is no dirt, grime, small fibres or grease. Place down a drop mat so you don’t’ ruin your lovely floor and get spraying.



This style of painting is perfect for all of you who are looking to do a speedy job, with a professional-looking, high-quality finish. Durable and with a variety of amazing colour options, this kind of product is wonderful for furniture touch-ups and refreshing your home quickly and easily.


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